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Media Coverage of SBR TREX

Check here to see all the latest media coverage of SBR TREX. The purpose of this event is to train fire professionals, restore the forest and reduce hazardous wildfire fuels. We also hope to help educate local communities on the presence and necessity of controlled burning for our forests and encourage them to become more fire adapted. If you are a member of the media and would like more information about SBR TREX, please contact Kristen Austin (The Nature Conservancy)

FOX Carolina

FOX Carolina

FOX Carolina

My TREX Story

We asked participants of the 2018 SBR TREX to tell their TREX Story - their accomplishments and lessons learned.


Thanks to North Carolina State University's Forestry Extension for putting together this video all about SBR TREX!

TREX By the Numbers

This fact sheet breaks down all of the training accomplishments at the 2018 SBR TREX.

Stay tuned for more!

The 2018 SBR TREX was just the beginning! Check back here for updates and news!

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