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Pre-TREX Checklist

Prior to the Southern Blue Ridge TREX, participants will be required to do a small amount of pre-work including uploading certifications, filling out forms, readings and watching videos. Go through the list below and complete all of the items. If you have any questions or trouble completing the pre-TREX tasks, contact Jen Bunty,

Pay Participant Fee

Payment will be accepted by our hosts, the Table Rock Retreat and Conference Center.

If you are paying with a state government or personal card, you can pay HERE.

If you plan to pay with a federal card, you will need to call the conference center directly. They can be reached at 1-864-878-2792. Payments must be received by October 15th.

Upload your Documents

Each TREX participant is required to provide a copy of their Incident Qualification Card ("red card"), any National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) training certificates that apply, proof of completion for RT130 and Work Capacity Test within the last year. To upload your documents, go to the "Your Info" page and select "Upload your documents". This page requires a password that you should have received via email. Please contact Jen Bunty if you are unsure of the password or have issues uploading your documents.

Fill out the Training Form

 You can access the training form HERE. This form must be completed by all participants by October 15th.

Fill out the

Personal Info Form

 You can access the personal info form HERE. This form must be completed by all participants by October 15th.

Download the Avenza App to your device

This mapping app is available for Android and iOS devices. You can find out where to download it HERE

View the CAFMS Avenza Webinar

Watch this video for a brief intro to how we use Avenza on the fireline.

Read the Appalachian Fire History Synthesis

As an introduction to fire in the Appalachians, read the recent CAFMS publication Fire History of the Appalachian Region: A Review and Synthesis. (For more information on Appalachian fire science or specific fire-related topics,  you can also browse the CAFMS research collection.) 

Join the 2018 SBR TREX Facebook Group

If you are a facebook user and would like to join a closed group only for participants of this TREX, go to and request to join. This group will allow us to 'get to know each other' prior to TREX, share photos during/after TREX and connect participants. The group is set so that anyone can find it but members have to be approved to join and only members can see who else is in it and what they post. 

Get a costume!

SBR TREX will take place over Halloween. Just because we're training, doesn't mean we can't dress up and eat candy! We'll be having a costume contest, so prepare your best look and pack it with you. 

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