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2023 SBR TREX Leadership (Planning and Incident Management Team)

Brad Bramlett

Assistant Regional Forester - SC Forestry Commission

Jen Bunty

Public Affairs Specialist - U.S. Forest Service

Jonathan Calore

SC Forestry Commission

Tom Dooley

Forest and Fire Program Manager -

The Nature Conservancy

James Douglas

State Lands Coordinator, SC Forestry Commission

Patrick Ma

Conservation Forester - The Nature Conservancy

Helen Mohr

Forester - USFS Southern Research Station

Brian Plume

Forest Fire Specialist - PA DCNR

Katie Sauerbrey

Oregon Fire Program Director

Dean Simon

The Nature Conservancy

Liz Skelly

Assistant Captain -  R8 Women in Wildfire Crew - U.S. Forest Service

Michael Weeks

West Unit Forester - SC Forestry Commission

Devin Yeatman

Land Steward - The Nature Conservancy

Erica Zacek

Supervisory Fire Engine Operator - U.S. Forest Service

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